Tuesday, 16 August 2011

More Darrow

Here's some more pieces by Geof Darrow that were drawn for prints that he's selling at conventions. Geof very kindly leaves colour decisions up to me usually but he did request the Nixon piece to have a lot of blood!!

(Shaolin Cowboy © Geof Darrow. Nixon, Big Guy & Rusty © Geof Darrow and Frank Miller)


  1. Holly shit...didn't saw these in Paris last July in Geoff folio.
    Anyway theses are really good !!

  2. Julien, the Nixon piece wasn't finished until after the Paris show, Geof wanted it for San Diego. But I'm surprised the others weren't there,they were done for San Diego 2010--- maybe Geof's just sold out of them.

  3. these are awesome! i also loved your life drawings, you should post more. i'd love to see more darrow, you should check with Geof and post a cover for the next issue of Shaolin Cowboy.